Top Recruitment Companies or Agencies in India

top recruitment agencies in India 2018
[Top Recruitment Companies in India]

With the increasing number of jobless people in India, it very important to contact those recruitment agencies that have good business relationships with big companies.

Indian human resource industry has drastically evolved over the recent time and globally leading companies are looking for talented job seekers in India.

Every year lots of students complete their degree and come out in real world to find jobs but in India, it is not an easy task.

Those who are pursuing degree from well reputed universities in India mostly get a decent job but what about those who aren’t?

People coming out of IIT’s, IIM’s, NIT’s are the most preached job seekers who get jobs from globally leading companies like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Qualcomm, Facebook and many more.

Companies like TCS, Infosys, Reliance etc are life saviours for those who has completed degree with acceptable percentage.

So, it becomes important to know about how to get into those companies even if they don’t conduct any placement drives in your colleges.

Here’s a list of top recruitment companies in India who can help you out to find a job.

Top 5 Recruitment Companies in India List

1. ABC Consultants

It was founded back in year 1969 and has a headquarter in New Delhi, India. ABC Consultants is one of the top most recruitment agencies in India.

ABC Consultants make 75% of their annual revenue through their existing clients base.

ABC Consultants offer a wide range of high-end job positions like Executive Search, Senior and Middle Level Hiring, Interim Management, Global sourcing etc.

2. Adecco India

It was founded back in year 1996 and has a headquarter in Bengaluru, India. Adecco is one of the most famous recruitment companies in India.

They acquired Peopleone Consulting and made an entry in Indian Job Search Market.

Adecco group is one of the fortune 500 companies to provide leading HR solutions and help more than 120000 candidates across India to find perfect job.

Adecco helps people to find jobs in Telecom services, Healthcare Organizations, Media and Entertainment, Automobiles, Logistics, Agriculture, Education and many more fields.

3. CareerNet

It was founded back in year 1999 and has a headquarter in Bengaluru, India.

It offers rich experience to both job seekers and the job offering companies.

CareerNet helps its client to hire talent for corporate roles in leading companies. So, this is also one of the top most recruitment agencies in India.

They provide strategic talent acquisition in many job fields like finances, banking, consultancy firms etc.

4. SutraHR

It was founded back in year 2008 and has a headquarter in Mumbai, India.

SutraHR is one of the best recruitment companies in India which have worked with over 500 clients since 2008 and helped many startups to hire the right talent.

SutraHR are good at digital, technology based recruitment. They have clients spread across the Asia like Middle East, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, United Kingdom, India.

5.  AON Hewitt

It was founded back in 1940 and previously was used to call as Hewitt Associates.

Later it was acquired by AON in 2010 and since it is now known as AON Hewitt. This company has over 30,000 employees in more than 90 countries and are serving more than 20,000 clients globally.

It offers easy and the best solution in investment consulting, talent acquisition, health benefits etc. and is one of the top recruitment agencies in India.

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