6 Basic Steps in a Recruitment Process – Complete Guide

This article is about the steps in a recruitment process that a company generally follows to hire the best candidate possible.

Before we jump onto the process of recruitment, let me make one thing very clear that it is as essential for a company as for the applicants.

In a recruitment process, a company always prefers those candidates that are useful and can help to grow or expand in the best way possible.

In competitive recruitment process, it becomes difficult for companies too while hiring the right candidates. It is not a easy task as it is described in a text book of fundamentals of management.

So,What is a Recruitment Process?

It is process by which an organization hire the best candidates who can perform best and be productive in an efficient cost to expand the company.

This recruitment process are generally conducted by the organization itself but sometimes company also prefer third-party agencies who are run recruitment firms.

To practice the best form of recruitment process, a team of human resource department try their best to recruit the best candidate possible.

Understand this, if they hire a wrong candidate then it can affect the growth of a company.

A company is well aware of its requirements while hiring recruits and so should a candidate while applying for a job.

Types of Recruitment Process

Internal Recruitment

This process involves recruitment process for a specific demand and so they recruit an employee suitable for the job from within the company.

Already hired employees are considered in such recruitments process rather than hiring a new employee.

External Recruitment

A process by which a new employee is hired from outside the company is what called as external recruitment.

Generally, company releases a notification about the job vacancy and willing candidates apply for the same.

This is what you’re looking for. The steps involved in this recruitment process is what you generally read or heard of.

Are steps in recruitment process always similar?

Each company has their own sense of recruitment process.

Some companies only hire those candidates who have some years of experience in a job field that company is looking for.

Where as their are many who likes cost efficient candidate that are fresh in industry, holds the same knowledge and skills at low cost.

When a company plan their steps in recruitment process, their focus is always productive. In fact, a company should focus on identifying the right candidate, organizing the recruitment process in the best way possible, involve dynamics questions while interviewing and should hire the best candidate available in job market.

So, here are the basic steps in recruitment process.

Setup a Recruitment Team with Productive Mindset

It is important to have great recruitment process while hiring new candidates because growth of company depends upon hiring the right candidate for the job and for that a company must form a very strong recruitment team.

Once a recruitment team is established, a proper job description is prepared and an image of a right candidate is set, a company is ready to hire employees now.

They can do recruitment process by organizing external recruitment or walk-ins interviews.

In current scenario, companies use internet platform to post a qualitative job advetisment containing all the essential details to filter out unwanted candidates and interact with the ideal candidates.

Once the job advertisement is published, its time to filter out resumes.

Screening Process

This step in recruitment process is one the essential step to ensure that you only consider the candidates that are suitable and are according to the job description as advertised.

It is important to let each applicant know about their application status. Whether they are approved or not and so not to keep them waiting with the reasons why they are rejected.

Conduct Test

If you’re hiring a new employee then it is very much important to ensure that the selected candidates have the knowledge and skills as claimed and required by a company.

This case generally is required while hiring new candidates.

Interview Process

Every company count on this stage of interview process. This process is very crucial not just for a company to recruit a valuable candidate but for the candidates as well to perform well in the interview process.

This is a great chance for both the company and candidate to impress each other.

Company try their best to find out more about candidate’s background, skills and personality to ensure if a candidate fits in the company profile.

This step in recruitment process is not just a one way interaction. Candidate also take this chance to find out more and more about the company work environment and opportunity.

Interview process doesn’t just involved a face-to-face interaction but sometimes telephonic interview, video calling are also considered while hiring long distance or overseas candidates.

For example, in movie The Internship (2013) two marketing based professional Billy and Nick, change their job field and give an interview to Google representatives over video calling.

Offer Letter

Once company shortlist their top candidates, they do a cross reference check as in final check.

Hiring the right candidate is very important to diminish any cost damage.

Once all the side checks are done, company officially sends job offer letter to each selected candidates along with the company profile, terms and conditions, contract and salary details will be discussed.

Recruitment Process Last Step – Onboarding

This is the last step in recruitment process and this step is not always handled by Human Resource department of a company. Though, this is also important as a new employee should be welcomed, guided and keep a timely follow-up.


If the steps in recruitment process is not giving good results to a company, they should consider to reform the recruitment team and reogranize selection process.

Each step in recruitment process involves crucial role and are tightly coupled to ensure the best result by filtering out the best candidate.

Here’s a quick infographic to let you understand the process of recruitment easily.

recruitment process steps infographic
Source – Slideshare

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